Referring Veterinarians

CriticalVetCare understands how important it is to have quality care available around the clock, when crucial situations arise after hours. The patient’s care is dependent on great medicine and great communication among all providers.

We keep open communication going with the patients’ referring veterinarians, ensuring that they are always informed and updated, enrolled in the decision making of the patients’ diagnostics and treatments. The referring hospitals are faxed daily and we are always available, 24/7 for verbal communications to provide convenience to the referring veterinarian.

To assist referring veterinarians when needed, CriticalVetCare offers a host of specialized services and surgeries on site, should they become necessary. Be assured of top-quality care from our expert staff at CriticalVetCare 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whatever the situation, only the very best care and commitment from the dedicated, experienced staff at CriticalVetCare will be provided.

We know you have busy clinics and many patients that have to stay overnight. We are here to support you and available for transfers overnight. Your orders will be followed for the best care possible of your patient.