Beaujangles “Bo”

beau faceone

CVC Ambassador

Beaujangles came to CVC for a disc herniation in January of 2016. He could not walk and had lost feeling in the toes of his back legs almost fully. Faith,his person, believed in his recovery. Bo’s MRI revealed a disc herniation. His surgery was performed immediately. He recovered feeling but it took a long time for him to be able to move his back legs. Faith and her family worked hard at his therapy and over time, Bo began walking again. He used a cart, a wheelchair for dogs. Bo was everything to Faith who was undergoing extensive treatments for breast cancer. He was her hope. Unfortunately, Faith passed away in June. Faith and her family had asked CVC to take over his care as she did.  Bo did find a forever home at CVC where the staff fell in love with him and as of September 1st, 2016, Beaujangles officially became Critical Vet Care’s Ambassador. Bo is now getting his certification for therapy dog so he can visit hospitals and kids with his wheels and show them that anything is possible. So come and visit Beaujangles. Take time to watch the video of his story and visit him on facebook and instagram.Beau takes his fox for a ridebeaujangles with his fox